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   11-7-95. Washrag:

   "Cyber Liberation."

      The future of American politics is being decided in
      semiconductor plants in Santa Clara, in the cluttered
      offices of all-night software designers in Redmond, and,
      of course, all over the Internet. "At some point in the
      not-very-distant future," says Newt Gingrich, "somebody
      is going to have encryption you can't break....
      Governments are not going to be able to stop it."

      This brave new world is closer than you think. It will
      drastically change the focus of politics because control
      will be extremely difficult, if not impossible. We're on
      the brink of a revolution that will make what the
      Republicans are doing this year look trivial beyond

      The Internet has the potential to set us free -- to
      learn anything and do anything, whenever we want. No
      wonder politicians want to regulate it to death.

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