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(fwd) CIS TALK THIS THURSDAY, Nov 9th 4 p.m. in 518

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Subject: CIS TALK THIS THURSDAY, Nov 9th 4 p.m. in 518

**Seminar of interest!!

CIS Seminar:    Thursday, Nov. 9th
Place:          NE43-518
Refreshments:   4:00 p.m.
Talk:           4:15 p.m.

Title:          Electronic Cash
Author:         Stefan Brands from CWI

        Two approaches for electronic payments prevail; one focusses
on the secure transmission of creditcard numbers and is account-based,
while the other is token-based and tries to mimic the way coins or
cheques are traded. The first approach can be realized using
elementary cryptographic techniques, but offers at best anonymity of
payments against merchants and requires on-line payment verification.
On-line payment verification can be expensive and become the
bottleneck of a large-scale implementation.

The second approach, electronic cash, can offer full anonimity of
payments, but requires fairly complex cryptographic techniques in
order to guarantee security. Pioneering work in this area has been
done by David Chaum. Unfortunately, his techniques are practical only
for on-line electronic payments and hence less appropriate for
large-scale implementation.

In my presentation I will discuss the design of practical electronic
cash systems that have off-line payment ability.

Further information can be found on: http://www.cwi.nl/~brands/

Host: Ronald Rivest
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