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Re: So much for free speech...

At 08:57 AM 11/6/95 -0800, Timothy C. May wrote:
>Children are usually not accorded full constitutional protections,
>especially not in public schools, but this does not mean the police should
>arrest those who utter the wrong words! (Maybe suspending the student,
>though I certainly wouldn't do that.)

That's the rub.  Kids can be kept locked up even with no crime.  "Children
don't have a right to liberty only a right to custody."  An adult would
probably not get arrested in the same circumstances (cops have more
discretion to push kids around) or if arrested not prosecuted, or if
prosecuted, case dismissed.  

It's a good thing the kid didn't engage in racist/Nazi acts like cutting
government spending and taxes or they would have thrown the book at him.

>This is the "safe and secure" world we are in, where bad thoughts and bad
>words are punished. Or threatened with lawsuits. Anarchy seems infinitely
>preferable to me.

You got that right.


"Remind me to use an anonymous remailer in the future when indulging in racism."