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Re: DejaNews all over again--a URL for Usenet Searching

At 12:28 PM 11/6/95 -0800, Timothy C. May wrote:
>I usually avoid passing on URLs of interesting sites, in the name of
>conserving bandwidth (*), but this one really has me jazzed:
>It allows searching of Usenet archives (a few months' worth, from what I
>can see).

I'm not impressed since I've been using the subscription version of Infoseek
for a while now which lets you search the last month of News and includes
mailing lists as well (including cypherpunks).  The free version is behind
the Net Search button on Netscape but only searches the Web.


A search for [email protected] produced more than 200 hits.  My Tim you *do* get
around.  Modesty prevents me from mentioning any newsgroup names.