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European Online Development list

[In case this interests any of you. -dave]

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>Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 19:28:25 +0100
>From: [email protected] (Steven Carlson)
>Subject: invitation to join the European Online Development list
>Greetings -
>I'm writing to invite you to join the European Online Development list
><online-europe>. If you're active or interested in Internet in Europe or
>the CIS, this list may be for you.
>I'm inviting you because you're one of my circle of contacts, and work
>either in journalism or in an Internet-related field. I'm sending a
>similar letter out to several hundred people who attended Esther Dyson's
>East-West High-Tech Forum, held recently in Bled, Slovenia.
>A day before this year's conference opened, Esther held a special meeting
>of Internet providers and related companies from around Europe and the
>CIS. We all agreed it was a very useful meeting, that we should meet again
>soon, and that we should all try to keep in contact over the net.
>Therefore this list.
>As commercial Internet pioneers in Europe, we find ourselves in surprising
>agreement on a number of topics. Though many of us now earn our daily
>bread from providing Internet connectivity, many of us suspect the real
>future may be in content. Yet what form this new medium will take - or who
>will pay how much for what - still remains a mystery.
>We share concerns about privacy, copyright, encryption, censorship and
>libel. In each of our countries, these and other issues will eventually
>need to be addressed by new laws, laws that will be written by people who
>- we suspect - know very little about online realities.
>In each of our countries, the local PTT is waking up to the smell of
>profits in the IP market. These telecoms much prefer a comfortable
>monopoly to the vagaries of competition. The PTTs have considerable
>financial resources and political connections. How can smaller Internet
>providers compete with these giants on even terms? Who will guarantee a
>level playing field?
>I think you'll agree there's plenty to talk about. And at this early stage
>in the development of Internet that's exactly what we need to do.
>I hope this list becomes a useful resource: a place to learn what others
>are doing in Europe and the CIS; a place to identify potential partners; a
>place to watch and learn.
>To subscribe, send a message with no subject line, and the text: subscribe
>online-europe, to <[email protected]>. Contact me if you need help
><[email protected]>.
>Once you subscribe, you might want to a send a message to the list
>introducing yourself and your company. Give us some idea of what problems
>you're working with in the field of Internet media or connectivity. Or, if
>you like, share with us your success stories.
>Send your posts to <[email protected]>
>A full WWW archive of online-europe is available at
><http://www.isys.hu/online-europe>. Don't get too excited yet. At present
>all you'll find there are some test messages.
>Thanks for your attention, look forward to seeing you on the list.
>Steven Carlson
>iSYS Hungary [email protected]
>[email protected] http://www.isys.hu