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Adm. William Studeman speaks about the CIA (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 08 Nov 95 17:24:55 CST
Subject: Adm. William Studeman speaks about the CIA

SAN ANTONIO -- Admiral William Studeman, Deputy Director, CIA spoke
to the San Antonio World Affairs Council on Wednesday (8 Nov).  He
covered the organization of the Central Intelligence Agency;
foreign intelligence;  the future of intelligence;  and went on to
     "While the press is reporting a reduced need for intel-
     ligence..  President Clinton has signed an Executive Order
     increasing the level of intelligence collection to a level
     4..   A level 4 for example are countries like Somalia,
     Haiti, and Yugoslavia..  so the collection needs are much
     greater than ever before."
     "This administration now also requires that intelligence be
     turned over to law enforcement agencies;  which was never
     done before."