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Coding-Export Limits Opposed

   The New York Times, November 9, 1995, p. D4. 

   Coding-Export Limits Opposed

   The political right has joined the opposition to the
   Clinton Administration's proposed restriction on the export
   of data-coding systems.

   A group of 12 conservative organizations -- including the
   National Rifle Association, Americans for Tax Reform and
   the Competitive Enterprise Institute -- sent a letter
   yesterday to House Speaker Newt Gingrich protesting
   Administration efforts to limit the export of cryptographic
   software and hardware.

   Calling the proposal anti-consumer, anti-business and
   anti-progress, the groups urged Mr. Gingrich to support the
   relaxation of export controls. "The Administration's
   approach is the wrong policy for today's marketplace," the
   letter stated.

   The letter to Mr. Gingrich followed one sent on Tuesday to
   Vice President Al Gore from 37 corporate and publicpolicy
   groups, including the Microsoft Corporation and America
   Online Inc. The letter to Mr. Gore opposed Administration
   efforts to strike a compromise that would limit the
   strength of encryption software exports and require an
   escrowed code-key system, which would contain trapdoor
   access for American law enforcement agencies.