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Re: Mime/multipart (was Re: PGP Comment feature weakens remailer security)

At 5:56 AM 11/9/95, Laurent Demailly wrote:
>I've waited a bit, but as nobody seem to have pointed out, you can
>definitly find a unique stream in a *single* pass (but maybe what you
>really want is no pass at all ?)

	engineering versus math.

	you can do it in zero passes, sort of.

	Generate a heafty pseudorandom number and convert it to a heafty
ascii string.  What are the odds that that string will appear in ANY kind
of data you are generating?  Low.  Measured in years and probably decades.

	As you do the mime encapsulation, also scan for a collision.  When
you get it (once every 20 years or so), abort the processing and start over.


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