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Current list of Remailers

Hello Everyone,

	Since Raph annonced his new Type-II remailer list, I just
wanted to let everyone know that I have updated the type2.list and
pubring.mix files on jpunix.com to reflect the most up-to-date status
of the Type-II Mixmaster remailers, You can connect to
http://www.jpunix.com or ftp to ftp.jpunix.com to get the latest
configuration files.

 John Perry - KG5RG - [email protected] -  PGP-encrypted e-mail welcome!
 Packet Radio - [email protected]#SETX.TX.USA.NA
 WWW - http://www.jpunix.com
 PGP 2.62 key for [email protected] is on the keyservers.