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New feature for the Cryptography Technical Report Server

Yes, it's still there!  8-)  I posted a note to this list a few months ago
announcing that I had set up such a service, and though we've only got a 
few reports I'm up to a couple o' hundred visitors a week.  To me, the amount
of activity indicates interest in the subject, but the lack of reports
tells me that either authors are not interested in contributing, it's 
too difficult to contribute, or they don't know about service.  

I took some time this weekend and wrote a script to handle online submissions.
This should make things easier on the authors, I think.  If you have
a technical report, journal article or book you'd like to index in CTRS
(abstract only submissions are supported as well as full-text submission),
point your browser at:


If you try this, please let me know how you liked it.  I'm interested in 
making the submissions process as painless as possible.  

As always, the main CTRS page is


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