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Re: New World Encryption

At 2:49 AM 11/11/95, James M. Cobb wrote:
>An item in 11 09 95 Edupage summarizes a NY Times new-
>sstory revealing Clinton's wish to spy on the world:


I'm sure your intentions are good in forwarding this and other similar
items to the Cypherpunks mailing list, but if you are reading the list, you
should surely know that this item--including both summaries and the
complete article--have already been posted to the Cypherpunks list. Two
days ago, in fact.

If for some reason you are _not_ reading the CP list, or not paying
attention, then you really should not be forwarding stuff to it.

I'm copying the CP list on this to remind folks to "stay on the page" as to
what's already been posted. We are already becoming a kind of "automatic
cc:" for a variety of announcements, spams, and other earthshattering

--Tim May

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