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Re: New World Encryption

Someone writes: 
 We are already becoming a kind of "automatic cc:" for a 
 variety of announcements, spams, and other earthshatter- 
 ing items. 
Someone may wish to include among these the document "Wel- 
come to the cypherpunks mailing list!" 
If so, then before he discards it, here are some excerpts 
from that document: 
 ...cypherpunks deals with technical details but slants the 
 discussion toward their social implications. 
 ...the debates on this list are about how to best get crypto 
 out there. 
 Cypherpunks do not seek to prevent other people from speak- 
 ing about their experiences or their opinions.
 Cypherpunks hope that all people desiring privacy will learn 
 how best to defend it.