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Re: POTP Security

On 11 10 95 [email protected] inquired about POTP 
 What level of security does this cute, little puppy provide??? 
One approach to answering that inquiry is an excerpt from: 
 Date: Sat, 21 OCT 95 10:58:51 -0500 
 From: Paul Jackman <[email protected]>
 Newgroups: talk.politics.crypto
 Subject: Re: Elementrix One-Time Pad 

 ...mine [Jackman's background and experience] goes back to 1961 
 as Crypto Communications Control Command Center Supervisor for 
 the National Security Agency (NSA), and US Army Inteligence Se- 
 curity.  Even so, I do not consider myself expert in either the 
 technical sense or the historical sense.  But, I know enough not 
 to comment on algorithms that I don't have access to.
 The algorithm will be published when patent protection is assured.
 It is currently patent pending in several countries.
 As far as marketing goes, this product is not going to disapear.
 We have been premarketing security technology for four years through
 beta, and one year in pilot with international Fortune 100 companies.
 The initial presentations on Internet about a year ago showed us that
 the the newness and complexity of the Algorithm had to be presented
 one on on one to the experts which Elementrix has done.  There is a 
 long parade of companies that have implimented this technology but 
 do not wish to be named, (Typical of any security implementation. 
 Those who do aknowledge the integity of the products are noteworthy, 
 Allen Brill Kroll Assoc., Al Decker Coopers & Lybrand, Todd Sun Mer- 
 gent, and there will be many more.
 Paul Jackman
I silently corrected capitalization and spelling in the above ex- 
I do not understand the import of the expression "expert in either 
the technical sense or the historical sense."