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Re: POTP Security

> On 11 10 95 [email protected] inquired about POTP 
> security: 
>  What level of security does this cute, little puppy provide??? 
> One approach to answering that inquiry is an excerpt from: 
>  Date: Sat, 21 OCT 95 10:58:51 -0500 
>  From: Paul Jackman <[email protected]>
>  Newgroups: talk.politics.crypto
>  Subject: Re: Elementrix One-Time Pad 
>  ...mine [Jackman's background and experience] goes back to 1961 
>  as Crypto Communications Control Command Center Supervisor for 
>  the National Security Agency (NSA), and US Army Inteligence Se- 
>  curity.  Even so, I do not consider myself expert in either the 
>  technical sense or the historical sense.  But, I know enough not 
>  to comment on algorithms that I don't have access to.
>  The algorithm will be published when patent protection is assured.
>  It is currently patent pending in several countries.
>  As far as marketing goes, this product is not going to disapear.
>  We have been premarketing security technology for four years through
>  beta, and one year in pilot with international Fortune 100 companies.
>  The initial presentations on Internet about a year ago showed us that
>  the the newness and complexity of the Algorithm had to be presented
>  one on on one to the experts which Elementrix has done.  There is a 
>  long parade of companies that have implimented this technology but 
>  do not wish to be named, (Typical of any security implementation. 
>  Those who do aknowledge the integity of the products are noteworthy, 
>  Allen Brill Kroll Assoc., Al Decker Coopers & Lybrand, Todd Sun Mer- 
>  gent, and there will be many more.

Also noteworthy are those who have examined the product under NDA and
declined to give an endorsement.

Mark Chen 
[email protected]
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