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Hakim Bey mention of gvm't crypto policy

This is a very brief excerpt from a Hakim Bey piece available at 
http://www.t0.or.at/hakimbey/boundary.htm, dealing with... well... lots 
of stuff, actually. Including stuff talked about on the list. I recommend 
the entire piece highly.



Knowledge itself can be seen as a kind of virus. On the psychological
level this perception manifested recently as a panic about "computer
viruses", and more generally about computer hacking -- boundary violations
in cyberspace, so to speak. The government wants access to all computer
cypher-codes in order to control the "Net", the InterNet, which might
otherwise spread everywhere, transmitting secrets, even secrets about
"abuse" and kiddy porn -- as if the Net were a disease, rather than simply
a free exchange of information. America's immune system can't take "too
much knowing" (or whatever T.S. Eliot's lame-ass phrase was); America must
be "protected" from penetration by foreign chaos cabals of evil hackers
(who might look just like you and me) -- borders must be imposed. 


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