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Re: POTP Security

   We ordered POTP based on the initial blurbs by Kahn and
   others. It took a while to get it, we talked to Elementrix
   HQ and got voicemail, stutters and recordings saying be
   patient. We read c'punks' slash and burns in the waiting
   period. When the boxes appeared, we read the extra-thin
   documents -- mostly PR gush -- reflected, decided to leave
   the red white and blue boxes At No Time Padded.

   Later a POTP distributer's rep called to ask how we like
   the product. We said, haven't tried it, because we learned
   a bit from reading cryptography lists. We wondered if he
   knew what was being said.

   He said, yes, we know, but they're all wrong, it's a
   fabulous product, totally secure.

   How you gonna prove it, we asked, to consumers like us who
   don't know who to believe? You know, we're reading more
   these days about hacks of cryptography and we want to know
   more than press releases. The people you're citing for
   endorsement aren't cryptographers.

   Yes, he said, that's what we're hearing, that's why I'm
   calling you, we looking for users to endorse the program
   while we're waiting for patent approvals, and trying to get
   the crypto authorities to sign NDA's.

   Sorry, we said, we're can't take a chance on your product.
   Call us back after you get the crypto fuck-authorities to
   hack at it in public.