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Re: POTP Security

Paul Koning 1695 wrote:
> > From: Paul Jackman <[email protected]>
> >Newgroups: talk.politics.crypto
> > Subject: Re: Elementrix One-Time Pad
> >..
> > The algorithm will be published when patent protection is assured.
> > It is currently patent pending in several countries.
> I saw that comment earlier.  It's rather a curious statement, given that the
> rule of publication vs. patents is that publication before FILING kills
> your ability to get the patent (in most countries) whereas publication
> after filing but before grant is not an issue at all.  This explains why
> you often see a mad scramble in companies when something
> patentable is about to be announced at a trade show, or explained
> in a white paper... the filing has to be in the mail before that happens.
> But only just before... whether the patent office takes days or years
> to grant the patent doesn't matter.

  I would guess that they are choosing to be cautious so that if their
patent is rejected they can still maintain it as a trade secret.


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