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RE: POTP Security

> From: Paul Jackman <[email protected]>
>Newgroups: talk.politics.crypto
> Subject: Re: Elementrix One-Time Pad
> The algorithm will be published when patent protection is assured.
> It is currently patent pending in several countries.

I saw that comment earlier.  It's rather a curious statement, given that the
rule of publication vs. patents is that publication before FILING kills
your ability to get the patent (in most countries) whereas publication
after filing but before grant is not an issue at all.  This explains why
you often see a mad scramble in companies when something
patentable is about to be announced at a trade show, or explained
in a white paper... the filing has to be in the mail before that happens.
But only just before... whether the patent office takes days or years
to grant the patent doesn't matter.