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[joke] Re: Who needs time vaults anyway?

Tasteless joke. Do not take seriously.

On Sat, 11 Nov 1995, Robert Hettinga wrote:

> What's that to keep that from happening on the net, just like our much
> maligned (guy's gotta make a living, fer chrissake!) assassination-payoff
> escrow agent...

Oh you must mean those wily hackers at Digicrime. Way to go Matt. 
My server originally had trouble looking up the host; must have been some 
last-ditch effort by those spooks at SAIC (I did note some recent obituaries
and resignations on their board, heheh...). It's all fine now though.

Excellent means of gaining employment and weapons practice. Gives new 
meaning to the phrase "affirmative action hiring". (though I still haven't seen 
my last check in the mail, guys. Hint, hint, hint.)

Just wondering, does the company presently have a market quote for 
captive CS profs? (shaddup over there! stop counting primes already)

Looking forward to the forthcoming Blacknet Unspeakable Comm-Oddities 
Exchange (a rather nice slant on AMIX, eh?). (still selling those babies,