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Re: ACLU Cyber-Liberties Update: Nov. 8, 1995

>> > According to the government's own statistics, 1,800 innocent conversations
>> > are intercepted each and every time a wiretap or other form of electronic
>> > surveillance is placed.
>> This seems curiously inefficient, even for government work.

There was a discussion on the radio the other day that indicated that
some drug dealers really _are_ encoding data on their phones - though
Clipper won't help at all.  The author was talking about hanging out with
undercover drug agents while doing research on a book about the Mob or drug
dealers or whatever.  He and the cop were in a bar where a bunch of
high-level dealers were hanging out; many of them were on their cellphones
having conversations about "The 'patio furniture' you ordered is here.
We can get you the 'three tables' on Tuesday; would you like a couple of
'chairs' with them also?"  :-)  The dealers weren't bothered by the cops
being there; their lawyers were over at the next table in case they were needed.
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