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Re: coding and nnet's

At 11:40 PM 11/11/95, Michael Pierson wrote:

>I wouldn't be surprised to learn of somebody like FinCEN using
>neural-net systems to do pattern analysis on funds transfers and
>the like, or the NRO or NSA investing research money into investigating
>the usefulness of NNs for image processing or for scanning raw ELINT,
>SIGINT or COMINT data.  In fact, I'd be quite surprised if they weren't.

These are well-known applications. The drug enforcement folks have programs
running at a place called the "El Paso Information Center" (EPIC), from
what I recall. Analyzing flights, passenger lists, etc., using various
AI/pattern recognition programs. (Some say the El Paso locale has tendrils
reaching to E Systems, Cray installations, etc., but I wouldn't know.)

I recall reading of some contracts let out, and other RFCs, for AI programs
for FinCEN use. Not surprising. (If I ran FinCEN, this is what I'd surely
have a bunch of folks working on. Scary thought.)

A bunch of AI-oriented job shops, such as Kestrel Institute and ADS, have
links to intelligence and law enforcement. Really too many possible
examples, and not surprising.

>While NNs may not be of direct relevance to cryptanalysis, I suspect
>they are, or will be, of great relevance to the task of identifying
>what communications should be cryptanalyzed or otherwise scrutinized.
>Especially given the high volume of traffic our 'thinkpol' aspire to
>be able to listen to.

Sure. Preprocessing of intercepts and signals, etc., is a natural application.

The point about neural nets not likely to be used in pure cryptanalysis was
a carefully limited point.

--Tim May

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