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Re: DejaNews all over again

I, too, would advise NetScape to ignore this loon. Whether the person
behind it is "Dr." you-know-who or Detweiler or some third party loon
is immaterial. The fact of the matter is that although NetScape has
had security issues, the ones brought up by "Alice" are totally bogus.


[email protected] writes:
> On Sat, 11 Nov 1995, Ray Cromwell wrote:
> >> I think "Jeff" ... Mr. unofficial not speakng for the company Netscape
> >> spokesperson, I think that you should rethink what you're suggesting. 
> >> Your tactics won't serve your personal interests on this one.  I really
> >> would recommend that you come clean.  This is not about "gloating".  I 
> >> really take very little pleasure in this.
> > 
> >   Jeff, I think it's in your best interest to not waste your time
> > responding to this moron (who bears many features in common with
> > Detweiler)
> I'm sure that most lawyers are probably advising Netscape's founders
> to not respond -- just like Fuhrman, they should take the fifth
> on this one. 
> Hopefully everyone's D&O premiums are fully paid up ... 'cause to me this
> smells like a failure to disclose a material event.  Netscape stock has
> advanced almost 50% since the Bugs Bunny post. 
> Some investors are gonna be mighty pissed.
> Then again, what would I know ...
> Alice de 'nonymous ...
>                                   ...just another one of those...
>                                                   ...hunters...
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