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Re: DejaNews all over again

On Sat, 11 Nov 1995, Ray Cromwell wrote:

>> I think "Jeff" ... Mr. unofficial not speakng for the company Netscape
>> spokesperson, I think that you should rethink what you're suggesting. 
>> Your tactics won't serve your personal interests on this one.  I really
>> would recommend that you come clean.  This is not about "gloating".  I 
>> really take very little pleasure in this.
>   Jeff, I think it's in your best interest to not waste your time
> responding to this moron (who bears many features in common with
> Detweiler)

I'm sure that most lawyers are probably advising Netscape's founders
to not respond -- just like Fuhrman, they should take the fifth
on this one. 

Hopefully everyone's D&O premiums are fully paid up ... 'cause to me this
smells like a failure to disclose a material event.  Netscape stock has
advanced almost 50% since the Bugs Bunny post. 

Some investors are gonna be mighty pissed.

Then again, what would I know ...

Alice de 'nonymous ...

                                  ...just another one of those...

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