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"Not the views of my government"

At 8:16 PM 11/13/95, Brian Davis wrote:

>And, being personally familiar on the Government's position on many of
>the issues discussed here, I can certify that many/most/all of Tim's
>views are not the views of the United States government!

Indeed. Though many would argue that some (large) fraction of the views I
and others express are right in line with the views of the Founders.

Certainly Jefferson, Franklin, Henry, and others would be aghast at the
modern interpretations of the Constitution.

"What do you mean my inn may not allow smoking? Surely it is up to
customers to freely choose to enter my inn or not enter my inn."

"What do you mean I must hire fixed quotas of various ethnic and racial
groups, no matter my preferences?"

"How can the government command me to pay more for a worker than I wish to
freely pay?"

"Why are these things you call helicopters flying over my farm at all
hours? if they are looking for "illegal crops," why is this their concern?
Why do they subsidize tobacco production? Why is government paying farmers
to grow some crops and not to grow other crops?"

"What, pray tell, is this "key escrow" business? Do we no longer have
protections against unlawful search? Are our papers and conversations now
to be "escrowed" with the King's men? What country have I been brought back

"I am just an ignorant Founder; I know not the ways of your strange land."

--Timothy Jefferson May

Views here are not the views of my Internet Service Provider or Government.
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