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So. FL Cypherpunks Keysigning/Party


Greetings South Florida cypherpunks--

        All cypherpunks in or near Dade county who wish to meet will be
getting together at 7:30PM on Wednesday, November 29th. In keeping with
past South Florida cypherpunks tradition, we are going to meet where the
_beer_ is, and (better yet!) this South Florida cypherpunks meeting will
coincide with the monthly meeting of the Miami Area Society of Homebrewers
("M.A.S.H.") at the Abbey Brewing Company on Miami Beach. This bar serves
a selection of barsnacks, not quite as extensive as the food at The
Riverwalk Brewery, but at least they aren't going out of business...

The Abbey Brewing Company  (305) 538-8110
1115 16th Street, Miami Beach

[From North: Take I-95 South to 195 exit, over to the beach, and go South
on Alton Road. Look for a green sign that says "BAR" atop the building.]
[From South: Take I-95 North to 395 exit, over to the beach, and go North
on Alton Road. Look for a green sign that says "BAR" atop the building.]

        I will be bringing the videotape of the "Mitchells In The Morning"
talkshow featuring PRZ that I mentioned a while ago, but The Abbey has no
VCR, and the atmosphere might not be right for a showing.
        Because the meeting is on Miami Beach, folks from far away are
urged to carpool or use Tri-rail to Metrorail and then get a ride from
Jim Ray (I will try to stay *somewhat* sober). e-mail <[email protected]>
for ride or carpool details & I'll try to coordinate the transportation
aspect of the meeting for those in need of a ride.
        Joe Block <[email protected]> is willing to coordinate the
keysigning aspect of the meeting, and he will post in a few days.

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Regards, Jim Ray

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