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Re: Netscape rewards are an insult

Jeff Weinstein writes:
> All of these security measures are implemented by Netscape in the
> current release.  Specifically, Netscape Navigator 2.0beta2
> includes all the applet security precautions detailed in the recent
> comp.lang.java posting.  Netscape has been shipping the fixed
> applet security model for over a month(since 2.0Beta1), and
> Netscape and Sun continue to cooperate and work closely on applet
> security issues.

I've got to note just one thing -- every Netscape 2.0beta2 I've used
has been so full of bugs, and so prone to problems, that I have my
wonders about what the security code looks like. I know, Jeff, that
its all done by different groups -- but the Java stuff I've run in
2.0beta2 is so weirdly different than the supposedly compatible stuff
I've run under HotJava -- especially when it comes to crashing (and it
HAS crashed on me) that I have serious worries about the security of
the thing. I'd say the quality looks very much like an alpha release,
not "beta". I don't want to turn this to Javapunks so I won't say more
on this topic any time soon -- its already been beaten into the