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Re: Netscape rewards are an insult

The shadowy figure took form and announced "I am "Perry E. Metzger" and I say .
> Jeff Weinstein writes:
> > All of these security measures are implemented by Netscape in the
> > current release.  Specifically, Netscape Navigator 2.0beta2
> > includes all the applet security precautions detailed in the recent
> > comp.lang.java posting.  Netscape has been shipping the fixed
> > applet security model for over a month(since 2.0Beta1)...
> I've got to note just one thing -- every Netscape 2.0beta2 I've used
> has been so full of bugs, and so prone to problems, that I have my
> wonders about what the security code looks like.

Well beta2 is heaps better than beta1, I can still crash beta2 with or
without java under win3, sgi, solaris and alpha but it has to be used
for a longer and few crashes are repeatable.  Plus lots of new gizmos,
the certificate authority interface (thanks Jeff).

I've got to note just one thing -- what about the Netscape LiveScript
language?  is it opening up the same security can of worms as java?  I
realise that it provides functionality specific to browsing only (no
network/files) but the potential for bugs when you add another
language must increase.

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