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I've edited this down, for fair use reasons, you can get the idea... 

Worth subscribing to this paper BTW.

> The Electronic Telegraph  Thursday 16 November 1995  The Front Page
>  [The Front Page]
> 'Black Baron' computer virus writer jailed for 18 months
> By Robert Uhlig, Technology Correspondent
> Devils in disguise that preyed on computers
>  [Image]  THE man who wrote computer viruses which could cause millions of
> pounds of damage, was jailed for 18 months yesterday.
> Christopher Pile, who called himself the Black Baron, not only spread his own
> viruses, Exeter Crown Court was told, but also distributed across the world his
> program which let other hackers disguise their own viruses.

> The viruses have made the "Black Baron" notorious among British companies.
> Microprose estimated it lost up to 500,000 and used more than 480 staff hours
> checking more than a million files. The computer firm Apricot had to shut down
> and check many of its machines. It found that 22 out of 60 had been infected by
> Pathogen.

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