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Re: e$: Financial Cryptography for Dogs, pt. 2. OpenDoc Kitchen, anyone?

In Reply to the Message wherein it was written:
>I've heard about something called an OpenDoc Kitchen, which is a periodic
>>hack fest put on by Apple for developers of OpenDoc parts where code is
>actually written.
>My understanding is that this will be held at Apple, in Cupertino, in
>early December.

That was at Apple in Cupertino, 11-13 NOVEMBER, not December. Whoops...I
heard about it from Jose Carreon earlier and should have spoken up sooner,
but there'll be another.

Attendance by Marcel and/or Felix at such a "kitchen" would be an
*excellent* idea. An OpenDoc-ish model will uncoubtedly be the one many
different OS designers (can you say "redmond?") at least copy someday for
look and feel, so it would be smart for DigiCash/Ecash to be in on the
early payment models. And anyway, Marcel could use a relaxing visit to
sunny California so he can hand-lob a grenade at my house. ;)

>They are especially interested in anyone from Digicash who would like to
>make a digital cash OpenDoc component for Cyberdog, because I've been
>ranting to them about this picture in my head of someone dragging digital
>cash icons onto a register icon in a web browser to pay for a purchase.

You're on _exactly_ the right track, Robert. I hope everybody listens to
you. As DC -- or perhaps whatever commercial client development company DC
chooses to license the Ecash technology to for spreading this
valuable-to-humanity technology far beyond the reach of "only" the big
financial companies -- well knows, the version _after_ the next version of
the Ecash client will have to be as easy to use as a smartcard if anyone
really expects to [insert your favorite politically-sensitive verb here]
the worldwide flow of value, perhaps making it more convenient for everyone.

The register idea is an interesting one, but I think the belt coin-changer
interface is more to the point, both graphically, and metaphorically. The
non-expert Person in the Street (maybe even the street-people) will do very
well with something like that.