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e$: Come aaaannnndddd Get it!

I'm in the process of scrambling to get the e$ web page set up for e-cash
before the deadline for *no-fee* *commercial* accounts at Mark Twain Bank
this Friday, and who should answer the mail but fellow cypherpunk Lucky

So, Lucky tells me that *he's* the guy who beat up Chaum/MTB and Co. to
prime the pump for web-vendors by offering *free* signup for e-cash
accounts.  Muchos Kudos to Lucky for making that happen.

Sameer's done it, I'm going to do it, and I'm hoping that everyone who
*can* do it *will*.

Lumpy though MTB may be, they're taking a risk that no one else in the
financial community would, and they deserve whatever support we can give

If they do it and it works, there will be others. Come on, people, let's
make it work.

Put your e$ where your mouth is, or at least on a hard drive somewhere...


Bob Hettinga

Robert Hettinga ([email protected])
e$, 44 Farquhar Street, Boston, MA 02131 USA (617) 958-3971
"Reality is not optional." --Thomas Sowell
The e$ Home Page: http://www.webstuff.apple.com/~vinnie/Rah
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