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Q: blind maildrop anyone?


I am not on this mailing list so please reply by email.
It was recommended to me by someone who is on the list that you(s) might
be able to point me to the right place (or page).

What I'd like to do is: establish an email account, other than the one I'm
posting from; preferably on some free email/homepage box, that would encrypt
all cleartext email to hit that account for me at this account.  I have tried,
unsuccessfully to establish this at c2, which offers this service.

My question: has anyone done this successfully at c2, or another location, 
and be willing to point me in the right direction to accomplish this.

Tom DeNapoli <[email protected]>
26 EC 2B 5A 0B 54 6D EE  1C 3F B6 AE 14 AA 83 87