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-No Subject-

Over 2000 years ago, Nostradamus predicted that on Tuesday November 14, 1995, 
Phil would say:

><...>Or at least there is a requirement for the
>assistant to enter the extra four digits in certain cases. The precise
>nature of the circumstance when they are required to be card present I
>am not sure (in fact I would bet they vary).

I'm betting your bet is right. When you set up your persona/nym for use with 
the CheckFree wallet, the software does ask for those four, non-embossed 
numbers on the Amex card - which I had never really noticed 'til then. And I 
frequently pass the amex number on the phone for business stuff.

Just last week, I had flowers sent to some partners of ours that we had just 
completed a deal with (sorry...should have odered them over the net), and the 4 
"flat" numbers were not required.

Hmmmm ....