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Re: Need advice on video


Ben wrote...

<stuff deleted>
>What I'm fishing for here are any suggestions for ways to present
>some of this content in an interesting video setting.  We've already
>decided on doing some algorithm animation, and maybe some simple
>moving graphics illustrating the various protocols.  Any ideas you
>might have would be appreciated.

Firstly you will need to clearly define for yourself exactly what you want the
audience to know by the end of the programme... the content.  And what you 
want them to feel by the end of the programme too.. you obviously want them 
to have positive feelings about crypto.  You might also consider some broader 
political issues to be cleanly interwoven through the script too.

Then, you might like to think about the WHO, WHEN, WHERE and WHY of crypto.  
A bit of an historical background on cyphers would put todays crypto into 
context, too.  Make sure that you keep giving the audience enough knowledge
to comprehend stuff you will be presenting towards the end of the video...
all of the
information you present needs to build on what you have already presented.

Closely examine your scripts for jargon.  Take out any that you can't
explain clearly.
Too much jargon can swamp the audience and they will be distracted from
content while they try to remember what a particular word means.

>BTW, once we finish this and show it locally, we are considering
>doing some duplication to send out to interested bodies.  Do you
>think there is demand for a good, clear intro to all this in video

I'm sure there is a need for this sort of programme that is produced well and
is reasonably priced.  Remember to get signed releases from EVERYONE involved 
in the project, not just ppl on camera, so you can sell the programme
THE WORLD if you choose to.

Don't be misled, I'm sure there are quite a few programmes out there on this
very topic.
Yours needs to be significantly different and entertaining.  I would suggest
you have an 
opportunity to make a video from 'the inside', given the ppl on this list
and the contacts 
they have.  A lot of films sre good introductions to a subject without
standing up and 
calling them such... like if I was making a video about Phil I would have to
explain crypto
and its use as a way of reaching a level of understanding for the audience.

Hope this is of some help.

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