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Need advice on video

Hello, fellow cypherpunks.  This is my first post here on the global
CP list, although I've been working with the just-reformed Austin
chapter for the last couple of months.

Us Austinites are working on a video for public access television
on cryptography.  We are looking at a one-hour format, similar to
a science program, that will introduce cryptography, its history,
the basic ideas of modern crypto, and what applications there are
for it today and in the future.

Now, this might turn into a series, but for now, we are concentrating
on the overview episode.

What I'm fishing for here are any suggestions for ways to present
some of this content in an interesting video setting.  We've already
decided on doing some algorithm animation, and maybe some simple
moving graphics illustrating the various protocols.  Any ideas you
might have would be appreciated.

BTW, once we finish this and show it locally, we are considering
doing some duplication to send out to interested bodies.  Do you
think there is demand for a good, clear intro to all this in video

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