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Re: credit card conventional wisdom

At 10:48 AM 11/16/95 -0800, Vladimir Z. Nuri wrote:
        ... about credit card liability

Hmmm, a few words about credit card liabilty.

The situation now is that in a "card not present" transaction the merchant is
liable for the fraud.  This means that *a lot* of internet based stores are 
getting eaten alive by fraud.  The big issue right now is not cards being
stolen from the telco switch (yes it's a risk but can anybody cite it
The issue is authentication of the card user.  We have a significant
investment in 
AI / credit scoring code to defeat the wannabe crackers.  This goes way beyond
mod 10 checks and address verification.

[ as an aside I've put two people in jail this year for card fraud ]

John Pettitt, [email protected]
VP Engineering, CyberSource Corporation, 415 473 3065