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The Great FAQ Hunt

Several fellow newbies have written me asking to share
the sources I received re: where to get the uncorrupted
Cypherpunk FAQ (Cyphernomicon).  You can get it uncompressed--
along with a lot of other cool stuff, like the Applied
Crypto book--at Pat Farrell's Web Site (thanks, Pat!)


However, when I tried to summon up this 1.2 MB tome with 
Netscape, my computer choked.  Changing the cache settings
didn't seem to help, so I wound up downloading it via FTP

ftp.netcom.com /pub/tc/tcmay

where you can also get your hands on the shorter MFAQ (Most
Frequently Asked Questions).

Hope this helps.  I'm on an info-diet, Cypherpunk Lite, so if 
you want to respond to this message, please be sure to "cc"
me directly.