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Re: The Great FAQ Hunt

I answer questions about my megabyte-long "Cyphernomicon" FAQ every few
months, so I guess it's that time again.

At 11:19 PM 11/16/95, Cassiel wrote:
>Several fellow newbies have written me asking to share
>the sources I received re: where to get the uncorrupted
>Cypherpunk FAQ (Cyphernomicon).  You can get it uncompressed--
>along with a lot of other cool stuff, like the Applied
>Crypto book--at Pat Farrell's Web Site (thanks, Pat!)
>However, when I tried to summon up this 1.2 MB tome with
>Netscape, my computer choked.  Changing the cache settings
>didn't seem to help, so I wound up downloading it via FTP
>ftp.netcom.com /pub/tc/tcmay
>where you can also get your hands on the shorter MFAQ (Most
>Frequently Asked Questions).

My "Cyphernomicon" FAQ, and various shorter and compressed versions, are
available, actually, in several places.

The site I tell people about most often is Jonathan Rochkind's excellent
HTML version at the URL: http://www.oberlin.edu/~brchkind/cyphernomicon/

I recommend that people use their browsers to read it at this URL. To those
who want to download the whole thing and print it out, I have one question:
"Are you on drugs?" (I have gotten complaints from people who tried to
print it out and gave up after 200 pages, somehow blaming me for it being
too long. Use computerized search tools!)

Searching for "Cyphernomicon" with InfoSeek, Excite, Lycos, or other search
tools will show numerous places it may be found.

--Tim May

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