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[BOOK] "SPYWORLD" (was: Re: CSE gets flak on TV)

In Reply to the Message wherein it was written:
>On Tue, 14 Nov 1995 [email protected] wrote:
>>  Electronic snooping part of the game
>>  OTTAWA (CP)--Intelligence experts say it's no big secret that Canada's
>>  high-tech spy agency snoops on friendly countries for financial gain.
>No big secret??  It was news to me. ;-)                        [elided]

Dear Alice,

To the few on the list who have not already had the pleasure, I'd put
"SPYWORLD" in the "Puzzle Palace" category of must-reads. Before recently
leaving our own Wunderland for a course in advanced bird-watching off in
the Canary Islands, Michael Sattler was kind enough to loan me his
hardcover of this pithy little 1994 history/expose on the Canadian spook
community by one of their first key propeller-heads, "Mike Frost." After
being unceremoniously dumped by the Canucks a few years back, he decided to
"share" about it all to work out his frustrations. Though I assume it was
'tidied up' by various government censors in pre-publication, and according
to the inside page was printed and "bound in the U.S.A." ;), I must say it
was nevertheless an arousing read, albeit a bit nit-sloppy with the ghost
writing/editing here and there.

It paints a colorful picture of the TLA gang-bang that resulted in the
conception of the Canadian black budget intercept operations. The potent
schtuppingvermachen of the American and British, each waiting patiently for
sloppy seconds is, to say the least, pruriently fascinating. "Frost"
manages to (un)cover, in pleasurably lurid detail, some of the tools used,
and policies openly violated, during such intercepts as "Stephanie" in
Moscow. There are even some descriptions of the scenes behind the green
doors of the NSA and CIA. Frankly, all it really lacks is a nude picture of
the American Ambassador in Ottowa pulling his pants up _before_ drawing the
shades for the last time. If you do read it, use protection.  ;)

 Subtitle: Inside the Canadian and American Intelligence Establishments
 By: "Mike Frost" as told to Michel Gratton
 ISBN 0-385-25494-6
 Doubleday Canada Ltd.
 105 Bond Street
 Toronto, Ontario
 M5B 1Y3


PS: Don't worry, Mike, none of the pages stick together. :)

"If you're ever robbed of your virtue, trust me: it was an inside job."