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Dec 5th KE meeting details

Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 13:15:32 -0500
From: Elaine Frye <[email protected]>

November 8, 1995

To:  Key Escrow Distribution Lis

From:  Ed Roback, NIST

Subject:  Planning for December 5th Meeting

At the September 6-7, 1995 key escrow issues meeting, I received a number of
comments that the government presentations should have addressed more topics
in greater detail.  To respond to this concern, I would like to request
submissions of any specific questions/issues related to the draft criteria
that you would like to see addressed on December 5th.  I cannot guarantee we
can meet all requests, but your suggestions will greatly help in planning
the meeting agenda and government presentations.

Please forward your questions/issues/ideas to me via e-mail at
"[email protected]", fax at 301-948-1784 or telephone on 301-975-3696.  

FYI, the current outline for the December 5 meeting is as follows:

A.      Government presentation of draft criteria, followed by Q&As

B.      Industry presentations on draft criteria

C.      Breakout sessions on criteria
          (a suggestion has been made to also have one on policy issues)

D.      Reports from breakout sessions

E.      Wrapup

Remember, also, that if you would like to make a presentation at the
meeting, you are asked to contact Elaine Frye at "[email protected]".
You may also bring written comments to the meeting for distribution (our
estimate is that 250 copies are necessary.)

Thank you.
Elaine Frye
Computer Systems Laboratory, NIST
Bldg. 225/Rm.B154
Gaithersburg, MD  20899-0001
Voice:   301/975-2819    Fax:  301/948-1784