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Re: Corrections about Bob Noyce and Intel

Worth magazine of Dec/Jan has a lubricious article on "The 
Super Investors of Silicon Valley":

" 'Rise of the Silicon Patriots,' by Donald Katz. If their egos 
and paychecks are oversized, so is their impact on the economy 
and culture. It's not for nothing that California's venture 
capitalists think they're at the center of the universe."

It traces some of the mauling by rapacious VC tigers of unwary 
techno-bambis and gleefully vaunts winner-take-all when the 
chips are down (multiple puns there) -- commensurate with the 
flatulent flattering flummoxing of this "financial 
intelligence" oilslicker.

For more FFF FinInt organ-grinding the monkeys, see 
"Downloading Warren Buffet's Brain."