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rape in the gulch (was Noyce and Intel)

   that's why we call them vulture capitalists.  I know a few who would 
sell their own mother, several times, even after she died. I think Rock, 
Perring, the Davises, and a few more were gentlemen; but, as a group they 
certainly do not deserve much respect after each pact they make with the 
devil.  Once the big banks and insurance funds started supplying the 
underlying capitalization, the whores really moved in and made it what I 
refer to as evil money.

   you dont need to believe the New World Order is calling the shots to 
see where the banks are coming from.

On Fri, 17 Nov 1995, John Young wrote:

> Worth magazine of Dec/Jan has a lubricious article on "The 
> Super Investors of Silicon Valley":
> " 'Rise of the Silicon Patriots,' by Donald Katz. If their egos 
> and paychecks are oversized, so is their impact on the economy 
> and culture. It's not for nothing that California's venture 
> capitalists think they're at the center of the universe."
> It traces some of the mauling by rapacious VC tigers of unwary 
> techno-bambis and gleefully vaunts winner-take-all when the 
> chips are down (multiple puns there) -- commensurate with the 
> flatulent flattering flummoxing of this "financial 
> intelligence" oilslicker.
> For more FFF FinInt organ-grinding the monkeys, see 
> "Downloading Warren Buffet's Brain."