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[NOISE] Review: GoldenEye


Just got back from the new Pierce-Brosnan-as-007 flick.
It had a few typical "hacker" stereotypes, and a couple
of interesting crypto relevant references.

* Boris, the stereotypical hacker, was hacking through American
banks.  A screen had the words "Department of Justice" and the
DoJ logo; underneath were the words "Clipper Chip" and a list
of banks.

* The archvillian's plan involved a massive money transfer and
an EMP pulse; he very briefly explained the effects of what
would happen if every computer in London were rendered non-
functional.  Possible crypto-anarchy bits.

* Boris should learn the value of strong passphrases.  His
password for the massive mainframe which will be used in the
archvillain's scheme is a five-letter dictionary word, which
didn't change (and it was used on two different computers),
and he revealed it indirectly (it was a word puzzle).

* A few on-computer-screen references to "encryption".

* Boris and the mastermind kept bantering about "breaking codes."

* Boris' computer in Russia - in his apartment - has a domain
ending in ".comp.math.edu"; when his screen lights up with
the words "INCOMING EMAIL" he goes into a live chat (complete
with graphics).

Above-average action/adventure flick.  The technical mistakes are
forgiveable in the interest of dramatic license.  Don't watch
it for the techno/crypto bits, though.  Watch it because lots
of things blow up :)

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