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[NOISE] REWRITE! : GoldenEye

> Just got back from the new Pierce-Brosnan-as-007 flick.
> It had a few typical "hacker" stereotypes, and a couple
> of interesting crypto relevant references.

Here's the cypherpunk rewrite of the movie... 

> * Boris, the stereotypical hacker, was hacking through American
> banks.  A screen had the words "Department of Justice" and the
> DoJ logo; underneath were the words "Clipper Chip" and a list
> of banks.

...bought the clipper codes from some guy at the DOJ for $100.
(gets a discount rate - normal rate is $200)

> * The archvillian's plan involved a massive money transfer and
> an EMP pulse; he very briefly explained the effects of what
> would happen if every computer in London were rendered non-
> functional.  Possible crypto-anarchy bits.

No need.

All the banks are using DES, which has suddenly become strong again.
(only for another 10 years, of course)

> * Boris should learn the value of strong passphrases.  His
> password for the massive mainframe which will be used in the
> archvillain's scheme is a five-letter dictionary word, which
> didn't change (and it was used on two different computers),
> and he revealed it indirectly (it was a word puzzle).

..hacked the account from some guy in Microsloth network security,
who doesn't know yet that anyone else is using it.

> * A few on-computer-screen references to "encryption".
> * Boris and the mastermind kept bantering about "breaking codes."

It really is annoying to try to break 40bit keys realtime. Why couldn't
they have been only 32 bits or something...

> * Boris' computer in Russia - in his apartment - has a domain
> ending in ".comp.math.edu"; when his screen lights up with
> the words "INCOMING EMAIL" he goes into a live chat (complete
> with graphics).

Using Weidei's TCP tunneler to submarine his computer so that it
_REALLY_IS_ under that domain. (After all, someone would probably
suspect kgb.com or UofHack.edu.ussr domains)

Re chat with graphics: isn't X great?! Have to remember to hack
into a T3 though, this lag is really slowing the feed down... Makes
the movie longer, ya know. Plus, techies will get a thrill if movie
shows doom being played remotely.

There you have it. Suitable for any cryptoanarchists' night out.


PS: Anyone know about ML, the IMAP mail program? Just installed the
new version at home and noticed I haven't seen the PGP hooks in the
configuration like I did on earlier versions. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm