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reputations: discussions and meta-discussions


On Sat, 18 Nov 1995, Bill Stewart wrote:
> Here's the new entity's key, signed :-)  I haven't added it to the
> PGP key servers; I'll leave that up to you...

As we know, a public key certificate is a binding between the key and
some attribute, as asserted by the signer.  In this case you have asserted
a binding between my key and the string "a new entity, as yet unnamed".
I don't understand why you did this.  Would you please explain?

The only reason I can think of is that you wanted to provide evidence
for the key's creation date by timestamping it.  If that was the case,
I thank you.  But in the future, to avoid confusion, perhaps you can 
create a new ID "timestamp" for the key and sign that instead.


On a different subject, given the likelihood of an increasing number 
of new identities showing up on this list, I propose that we create 
a new mailing list (cypherpunks-reputations) devoted to
the discussion of reputations of cypherpunks participants.  A significant
number of posts on cypherpunks are already discussions of this sort.  I
believe it would be benificial to create a seperate channel for these
meta-discussions so they do not interfere with regular cypherpunk topics.

By encouraging discussions about reputations of specific entities, we
may also gain some insight on the general properties of reputation systems.
In this sense by creating this new list we create an interesting
self-referential loop -- cypherpunks-reputations contains meta-discussions
about cypherpunks, which in turn contains meta-discussions about 

Examples of posts appropriate for this new mailing list would include:
* knowledge, intelligence, style and quirks of cypherpunks participants
* exchange of keys and certificates
* speculation on connections between entities
* kill file entry recommendations

I do not have the physical resources to serve such a mailing list, so
I hope someone who does will volunteer.

 - keyid D072FC19 (still unnamed)

Version: 2.6.2