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Re: Design proposal: crypto-capable generic interface

Raph Levien wrote:

|    I propose that the new interface lives as a sort of daemon, rather
| than a static collection of command line script pieces. A reasonable
| way for applications to talk to the daemon would be Unix domain
| sockets, or whatever the equivalent is on Mac and Windows
| platforms. There should be a simple protocol for automatically
| starting up a daemon if there isn't one already running.

	A daemon per user, or per machine?  Either way, I think you
run into problems on a big multi-user machine.  (Either its an extra
process or two per person, or its a great target for attack &

	Its an interesting proposal, but let me ask you this--Why is
it better than a libpgp (or pgp.dll) that offers a variety of services
to programs at multiple levels (ie, offers full one call RSA/IDEA
encryption and compression, as well as ascii armoring, or offers each
of those as a seperate function.

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