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Re: protecting against impersonation (was: CANADIAN PRESS REPORTS)

> This post wasn't signed off, but I presume you are "Alice d'nonymous",
> it would help lots if you could get yourself an account with a nym
> server, such as [email protected]  That would have the advantages that
> your email address would be recognizable, and that people could reply
> to you if they wanted to.

	it's alpha.c2.org, not [email protected], btw.

	The added benefit of this is that people could killfile you easily.

> If having a working reply address bothers you, well at least sign your
> posts, if you're concerned about a persistant identity, the tools are
> available to do it.  Complaining about things which have simple
> technological solutions won't get you much sympathy.
> Adam

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