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On Sat, 18 Nov 1995, Daniel 'genius' Charpentier wrote:

> he mentioned his desire to see more cryptographic program code and
> I didn't want to see this initiative die.  I am a new commer to
> cryptography and I know I shouldn't be posting yet but that is

Don't be shy: POST! If you've got good coding ideas, then by all
means we want to hear you. If you've got lousy ideas but good intentions,
the fastest way on the net to get corrected is to post a mistake :-) .
Nobody will flame you for that, so don't be so touchy.

> what I thought cypherpunk postings was supposed to be in the first
> cryptographic algorithms, program code, and chips than
> politics.  

Some of us codewriters are far lazier than others on the list, 
politicical discussion seems to take less effort and is the lowest common
denominator (too bad, but then I'm guilty; snore...).

>                      I hope this did not upset to many people

Hardly. Don't worry about it, besides, killfiles exist. I agree  
wholeheartedly too, I'd love to see more crypto code and protocol discussion.
I must point out though, that the quality you get is related to the 
quality you give, if you post crypto code/protocol material (I'm too lazy 
for that, right now...), that's what the debate will shift to.
Kind of like "Build it and they will come." (Field of Dreams?).

Curious, where is uncg.edu? Your French name doesn't make me think you're 
in the States (as an .edu address might suggest, but then not necessarily 
either). (univ of Calgary?)

Bonne fin de semaine.