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[email protected] writes:
> On Sat, 18 Nov 1995, Daniel 'genius' Charpentier wrote:
> > he mentioned his desire to see more cryptographic program code and
> > I didn't want to see this initiative die.  I am a new commer to
> > cryptography and I know I shouldn't be posting yet but that is
> Don't be shy: POST! If you've got good coding ideas, then by all
> means we want to hear you. If you've got lousy ideas but good intentions,

Amen. If you have something crypto-relevant to post, please do. As the amount
of noise on this list rises, the meaningful discussion goes away. Please help
reverse this trend.

> the fastest way on the net to get corrected is to post a mistake :-) .
> Nobody will flame you for that, so don't be so touchy.

Or if some anal-retentive jerk flames you, ignore him. Even if you make a naive
mistake in your post, and someone corrects it, both you and probably other
readers of this list will learn from it.

> Bonne fin de semaine.

Curious how in qc they say 'fin the semaine' while in France proper everybody
says 'weekend'.


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