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Re: Recompiling PGP262i under microsoft.

For those that might benefit, I have included some notes I have gained 
through my wanderings through PGPland, towards an easy PGP-mail program 
for Windows.  Below I have included sketchy details in compiling PGP 
under as an MS-DOS app, WIN16 DLL, and Win32 DLL. 
I won't be able to provide specific details, until I recover data from 
my backup tapes (I had a nasty drive failure, and have been lethargic in 
recovering).  I finally get my IBM PC/RT configured for TCP/IP and my PC 
explodes. :<. 
If anything here is wrong, or fuzzy, feel free to post corrections, 
etc., as this is all from my alcohol soaked, nicotine riddled brain. 
Compiling PGP under MSVC 1.5 & 2.x 
========= === ===== ==== === = === 
To compile PGP under MSVC 1.5 (I believe there is a supplied Microsoft C 
make file that was written for Quick C) you will need to create a 
project and add the files necessary.  Be sure to include the already 
compiled RSAREF.LIB in the project files. 
Unfortunately, there is one very annoying problem with Microsoft Visual 
C, in which it will regenerate the dependencies from the source code 
files without preprocessing the #ifdefs.  You will have to edit the make 
file and take out all of the UNIX sys/whatever stuff. 
I believe this is the biggest hurdle, but you might try using the Quick 
C make file, although I don't think it will work without modification 
(Microsoft seems disenchanted with compatibility, even between revisions 
of their own software). 
You may also have some trouble with type conversion, but I think its 
intuitive to overcome that. (its been a while...).  If anyone knows of
an easier way to do this, I will be more than happy to listen. 
Compiling RSAREF as a DLL under MSVC 
========= ====== == = === ===== ==== 
This is easy, but you may have trouble with the dependencies again.  The 
most important thing is to create a .DEF file and put all of the export 
declarations in there.  Unless you plan on rewrite PGP to load the DLL 
dynamically, simply link against it so save a few headaches (remember 
you still need a .DEF file or you will get unresolved errors!). 
Compiling PGP as a Windows DLL 
========= === == = ======= === 
I was able to find someone in Australia (sorry, the name eludes me at 
the moment) who managed to port PGP to a Windows DLL, under Borland C.  
I only installed Borland C++ 4.0 today, so much of my work/play has been 
targeted towards Microsoft Visual C++ 1.5/2.0 under NT (besides I was 
waiting on PGP3.0). 
If anyone wants these files (for Borland) I will send them out when I 
recover them (hopefully).  It includes modifications to no more than 
three files, and includes both reentrant and non-reentrant entry points.  
I also have the mail program (MAPI) that this guy wrote in executable 
form.  He was very careful about the Austrailian equivalent of the ITAR, 
so he would only send the modified files, which I will pass on for those 
who are interested. 
If you want to do the same thing under MSVC, the same changes apply. 

Hope that help some. 

Version: 2.6.2

Joe N. Turner		Telecheck International
[email protected]    5251 Westheimer, PO BOX 4659, Houston, TX 77210-4659