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Re: "Junk E-Mail"

[email protected] (Anonymous) said:

A> Sten wrote:
>> They (as in, the government) has used the RICO laws against Operation
>> Rescue, an anti-abortion/pro-life (pick your term) group for
>> protesting/picketing abortion clinics and doctors who perform
>> abortions.

A>       And for successfully encouraging the murder of doctors.

	Sorry, but the RICO case had nothing to do with any of the
murders.  And if you're gonna go after OR&company for encouraging the
murder of doctors, I hope you're also going after certain rappers for
encouraging the murder of police.

>> If they had prosecuted under statutes which applied to everyone, I
>> wouldn't have had a problem, but they are going after OR and similar
>> organizations for using tactics similar to those used by civil rights
>> protesters in the 60s.

A>       Who were systematically arrested, beaten, teargassed,
A> wiretapped, and even occasionally shot at. I *know*--I got firehosed,
A> beaten, arrested, and wiretapped for what I did. That's why I'm a
A> Cypherpunk now.  OR has received far better treatment than the civil
A> rights protesters ever did--or did I miss the news items reporting
A> that Terry Randall and Ralph Reed had been assassinated, and that
A> their lieutenants had been bumped off in black-bag jobs, and that
A> their colleagues were chained down to chairs *in court*?

	And the treatment you received then was wrong.  Does that make
admittedly less violent treatment of OR&company right?  At risk of your
calling it a 'nursery rhyme', or something similarly trivializing, two
wrongs don't make a right.

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